Make sure you apply it to create a good dating app like Tinder and even better

//Make sure you apply it to create a good dating app like Tinder and even better

Make sure you apply it to create a good dating app like Tinder and even better

Stage 1: Research

As of affinity mapping, it is a great tool to systemize user feedback and to figure out possible pain points.

Step 3: Prototype

Low fidelity mockups are to simplify navigation of the Account page, for example. They increase transparency on the chat page as well. Regarding high fidelity mockups, they adjust and improve the apps settings in general.

Step 4: Validate

Validation testing is to show how useful and usable your dating app design is. Prototyping and Validation phases could be repeated if needed.

The described four-step process shall present a better understanding of how the audience interacts with a particular dating service. Usability testing and iteration are to show what to focus on to improve the platform and to make it successful and practical.

Focus on one extraordinary feature

How to make your app stick out from hundreds of similar services? Brainstorm to select the only one main aspect to focus on. This is the way to come up with the most successful dating app.

Most probably it wont work well if you try to target everything at the same time. Each issue requires lots of your time, efforts and attention.

We are not saying, you need to abandon everything but only one single point. Decide on your special feature, make it perfect, launch your app. Then you are more than welcome to improve your program adding another super cool functionality, than another one and so on.


Here we are not talking strictly on data protection which should come as default. Dating apps exist in a very tender environment where people share their moments of happiness and sadness. Think of means to make such an environment comfortable and cozy for your potential audience.

You know everything about issues which could spoil the apps overall climate – multiple bots, assaulting and abusive attitude, etc. Find ways to eliminate similar obstacles from your relation focused app.


To develop a popular dating service it is essential to pay special attention to technical issues. It is so frustrating when the app constantly crashes, glitches keep freezing or downloading the page forever. Such reality is to result in a whole bunch of negative comments and poor user experience. Take preventive measures to avoid your audience’s frustration.

It would be a great idea to double-check the matching algorithm used in your app to make sure your formula works as it should.

Think of a reliable verification method. Many dating apps have chosen Facebook accounts to do so. However, not everyone uses Facebook, so maybe there is another way to see if the person is real.

Make sure you have a great team of professionals who know how to come up with a really rocking and hottest dating app. And also remember – the fun starts after the app has been designed and launched, as it requires constant support and continuous improvements to keep it up to date and to ensure it is one of top-rated dating platforms.

Dont copy!

Obviously, before you start working on your app, it worth the learning experience of others. Read successful stories on startups – what obstacles people faced and how they coped with them. This is a useful practice.

However, remember that simply copying from others wont work! It is an free dating sights absurd way that leads to nowhere. Literally copying step by step the passway of some developers wont help you become as successful as they are.

To create the best dating platform, find your own way, get your special and unique idea, come up with a practical approach to ensure great user experience. Thinking of people, taking care of their needs will make your app human-oriented, so you definitely will find your audience.

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